Monday, August 17, 2009

New House

Well it is almost official. We are just over a week away from signing on the dotted line for a new house. On August the 27th, we will be the proud new owners of a three bed/two bath house on Mary Anne Circle.

This move has been a long time coming. Another sign of becoming older, got to let go of things from my past and move forward. My current house was bought pretty much right out of college and has been home ever since. I came back here after my wedding/honeymoon and brought Lily here after her birth. It will be strange to leave this place behind but we are definitely looking forward to the upgrade.

The new house will feature many creature comforts that this house just cannot provide, at least not without remodeling. The new house will have a remote master suite, which means another bathroom, woo hoo. The house is also about thirty years newer than my current place so it will have better insulation, a fireplace as well as a nice open floor plan.

I am not sure how I will haunt my new house but I am making some plans and hopefully can put something together for this year even if it is small. I am sure it will scare the neighbors.

While I am leaving the the old house, it will not be leaving me as my brother will be the new owner. We have agreed in principle to sell to him at a bit of a discount so he can move out again and start moving forward with his life. I just hope this house is a good to him as it was to us.

I will update the house status with pictures and everything soon.

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