Thursday, September 2, 2010

Long time, no post

Yeah well being thirty was ok, but at 31, I am much more involved in life. I stay busy with work and my new found hobby of running and getting ready for baby #2. He is due just after Halloween.

Might just start using this to track my running progress. We will see, no promises!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

day 365

Well, it is here, the last day of my 30th year. I have to say it went by pretty quick. It really doesn't seem that long ago that I was posting the tests posts and the transformers posts. I hate that I did not post more of my year but blogging on a regular basis is just not my thing. I will continue to blog here but it will be random and irregular. Thanks for sticking around and maybe I will come up with some new material.

Tonight I am 30 one more time. Tomorrow, on to 31.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Long time, no blog

Sorry folks, I know I have not been around for ages and I am sure all five of my fans have given up on me but I am here now.

I have been on ebay and some other websites and it got me to reminiscing. About what you ask? Cartoons of course. If you have read anything on here you know about my love to everything transformers and I do have the first two season of cartoons on DVD. What about others?

Do you remember...

M.A.S.K. - Kinda transformer like. I loved that the cars turned into battle stations and planes, helicopters etc. This was an awesome show, unfortunately there are not as many toys available on ebay today. The ones there are over priced, broken or missing key pieces, just as the characters or their masks.

This show was a staple of my week day, after school, line up. I had most of the toys back in the day and would give anything to have some of them back. Thunderhawk with Matt Tracker, ahhh, the memories. The show was awesome and the toys were even more so. The combined my love of cars and transforming toys.

Another afternoon program that held my attention on and off was...

Thundercats! Loved this one too. Not sure why this one appealed to me as much but I think it was because they had cool weapons and cool vehicles. Whatever the case, I watched this one too. Rumor has it that they are trying to bring this one to the big screen. Please, make it not be true! I couldn't imagine seeing some actors painted like cats. Oh well, I guess it worked for the Transformers. Do you think Michael Bay could find enough places to stick explosives?

Finally, in my trip down memory lane I ran across a bonus.

Army Gear! Galoob, former maker of Micro Machines also produced this awesome line of toys. They appeared as "normal" army items, aka grenades, hand guns, canteens, etc but low and behold they were army playsets. I had several and wore them out. These toys are even more rare than the Mask toys. I have found a few on ebay but they are way out of my price range. I would love to have one or two but I can't justify buying a piece of my childhood at such a high price. Oh well, some memories are left just that, memories.

So if you are reading this and have some of these toys and are willing to part with them, contact me.

Monday, October 5, 2009


The Season is upon us...stay tuned for some halloween related posts as I prepare my yard for the big night.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

new house

Well another milestone down. Finally we are getting settled into life in our new house. I will post some pictures soon!

Monday, August 17, 2009

New House

Well it is almost official. We are just over a week away from signing on the dotted line for a new house. On August the 27th, we will be the proud new owners of a three bed/two bath house on Mary Anne Circle.

This move has been a long time coming. Another sign of becoming older, got to let go of things from my past and move forward. My current house was bought pretty much right out of college and has been home ever since. I came back here after my wedding/honeymoon and brought Lily here after her birth. It will be strange to leave this place behind but we are definitely looking forward to the upgrade.

The new house will feature many creature comforts that this house just cannot provide, at least not without remodeling. The new house will have a remote master suite, which means another bathroom, woo hoo. The house is also about thirty years newer than my current place so it will have better insulation, a fireplace as well as a nice open floor plan.

I am not sure how I will haunt my new house but I am making some plans and hopefully can put something together for this year even if it is small. I am sure it will scare the neighbors.

While I am leaving the the old house, it will not be leaving me as my brother will be the new owner. We have agreed in principle to sell to him at a bit of a discount so he can move out again and start moving forward with his life. I just hope this house is a good to him as it was to us.

I will update the house status with pictures and everything soon.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Ok, I know, I know, I am such a post tease. I post and claim that I will post again and then I leave you high and dry. Guess that is better than low and wet, eww! I digress, finally, I am going to share one of the last M&M wrappers from this summer's blockbuster, Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen.

I bring you the last in the series of regular M&M's with Peanut M&M wrapper number 6 in the series. The sixth different bag along with Red, in his Delect-o-Con attire bring us Barricade.

While I remember Barricade being one of the first transformers in the first movie and played a huge roll in recovery of the glasses from Ladiesman24/7, I do not remember him in the second movie. Maybe I missed him, maybe not but for some reason he is predominately featured here on wrapper number 6.

Of all of the decepticons in the first movie, this was one of my favorites, mostly because he was a car. But Barricade was not just any car, he was a Salen edition Mustang cop car. I really like his side pannel that read "To Punish and Enslave", so try of their mindset. Anyway, enough rambling.

I have one more bag to present as well as an interesting flavor. Details soon...I hope.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sometimes it is the little things...

that make me happy!

Today I was in the downtown Blanchard, you know, at the Blanchard mall, aka Dollar General. I was looking for some sweet treats after dinner and low and behold, I ran into something that made me happy. Sometimes it does not take much and this time was no exception.

I found these, Fright Bites! I know Halloween is still three months away but there they were, right in the middle of the shelf. Of course, I love Halloween, so I had to pick up a bag. I thought I would share with you, so here they are.

The bag only held about 12 candies, not nearly enough for the little beggars on the big night, but at a buck a bag, I guess you could buy quite a few bags.

Well Fright Bites are chocolate with a fudge bite, yeah sure. More like generic chocolate with generic chocolate inside. Outside of the plain old chocolate taste the do come brightly wrapped in a Dracula themed foil wrapper. Each individual bite is about the size a silver dollar.

I know it is not Halloween yet, or even close but I pulled one out of the bites out, nibbled on it while watching Halloween III, Season of the Witch. Halloween will be here before we know it!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Coming soon

Coming soon, the wrap up articles for the Transformer/M&M's promotion for revenge of the fallen and possiblly some entries detailing some of my toy purchases associated with this latest movie. Don't hold me to it though!

Starscream disappoint me! Classic line from the transformers series.

Megatron utters this often to Starscream both in the original cartoons and the most recent movies. This being said, have no fear, this bag does not disappoint. How could peanut M&M's disappoint anyone? Bag #5 in the Revenge of the Fallen/M&M team up features the power hungry Starscream teamed up with Yellow from the Delectocon team. Really if you think about it, this is an odd pairing. Starscream is all diabolical and Yellow is so laid back and unassuming, maybe that is why they were put together. Starscream wanted to be in charge. Hmm...regardless this was a tasty bag and the revamping of Starscream in the movies was awesome!