Friday, April 10, 2009


Yes, I said green lightning. Last night was a very eventful night. Let us just say that I do not want to be a storm chaser any time soon, at least at night that is.

Last night was date night, hence no entry but I made up for it with lots of adventure. Like I said, it was date night. My mom took Lily for the night and Lorna and I decided to have a night out on the town and enjoy an adult meal and entertainment without the kid. The night started off nice, we had dinner at a local Italian restaurant and it was great. We sat and talked and ate and even ran into an old friend. The experience was great, an no one had to go to the potty or need a bite of my food.

After dinner we decided to take in a movie and proceeded to the Boardwalk to snag a few tickets to the new Fast and Furious movie. We arrived, bought the tickets and did a little light shopping before settling into our seats for two hours of action packed car driving. The movie was fun, it will not win any awards, unless there is one for bad one liners'. I enjoyed the cars, crashes and explosions. Lorna enjoyed it as well so all was good...until we left the theater.

As we exited the theater we noticed the sky was lit up with some really cool lightning. I could have stood and watched for a while but Lorna was not having it. We jumped into the jeep and decided to head to Target for some Easter essentials but I made a quick call first.

After talking to my mother and learning that the lightning was a rather ominous sign, we decided against another stop. Luckily we tuned into the news and learned that the approaching storm had spawned tornadoes. Oh no, what to do?

Being that we could not go home as the storm was fast approaching and the tornado separated us from our home, we headed south to go around the storm. A smart move on my part. As the storm got closer, we made our way through the back roads and to a "safer" part of town.

One call from my dad changed it all. He informed us that the tornado had been spotted miles from our location. Instead of continuing to make our way home, we opted for plan B. Being near the hospital, we parked in the garage and made our way to the lobby and eventually the ER to hang out and ride out the storm.

While waiting we stood near the windows, I know stupid, and watched the show Mother Nature was giving us. That is when we seen it, the green lightning. The lightning was part of the tornado as it passed just north of us, cutting down trees, power lines and doing untold damage.

As quick as it came, it was over. We waited a little longer, and then headed out. What destruction. We encountered downed lines, trees and red lights. The path the storm cut was wide and scary. We could have been out in that. Fortunately we were safe, all family and friends we safe and no one that I know of suffered any major damage.

Easter and Shreveport tornadoes seem to go hand in hand, let us hope this was the one for this year and all will be well.

I will be in Winnfield (pig land) this weekend for Easter, I will be sure to pack my camera and hopefully get some good stuff. To my two readers, have a safe and happy Easter and remember what Easter stands for.


  1. HOLY CRAP Jeremy!!! thank goodness y'all are all ok!

  2. OMG! That's crazy! I would have been scared out of my mind! I am so happy ya'll are ok. Cathy Vickers stayed in the parking garage at Boardwalk during the storm!


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