Tuesday, April 14, 2009

(No) Mercy Rule?

We played our first softball game of the season tonight. Good game for us, we stomped some poor team 33-12 and only because we let up and let a few "go through".

Everyone hit well and played well, we shook off the rust in a hurry and jumped up 16-1 in the first inning and it was smooth sailing from there. After two it was 26-5. We were not in danger of losing by any stretch.

Since it is a Church league and you never want to show up a team and you want to be a good sport, we let up on the poor guys by not exploiting their errors and miscues. We thought we were doing the right thing by only running a base at a time and stopping. We could have score 50 but alas we are nice guys. One problem!

The umpire thought that we were trying to show up the guys and keep hitting by only running one base at a time. Completely the opposite! He called time and called both coaches and warned us that if we did not "just play" that he would call us to forfeit and the other team would win! How absurd, we were trying to be nice and we get in trouble! So we laid it on thick and the next guy hit an in the park grand slam. Guess it never pays to be nice. So much for the mercy rule.

We went three innings, and torched the poor team. Next up another team that lost by 25, maybe we will be mean this time.

BTW I was 3-5 with three doubles. Woo hoo!

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