Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Raceday at TMS

So Sunday I attended the Nascar Sprint Cup event in Denton, Texas, just outside of Dallas. One of my birthday presents was tickets to the event. I had a great time and my favorite drive won! All in all it was a good day, a long day, but a good one.

In order to make it to Dallas and the racetrack in time, I got up at 5 am, long before daylight and before the birds and squirrels and any other creature that is smart enough to stay in bed that early. I rode with a friend and we met up with the rest of our party on the highway. The drive was not too bad, other than the fact that I was sleepy and it progressively got colder as we approached our destination. Once we hit town and made a stop at a local gas station, I realized that I was very thankful to have brought jeans and a sweatshirt because it was freaking cold. Cold and windy to be exact.

Upon arrival at the track, we were greeted by idiots in all directions. As we tried to park there were idiots going the wrong way down a one way street, there were idiots zipping around in golf carts and out in front of traffic, there were also idiots trying to tell us a parking lot made for fifty thousand or more cars was full because he could not find a spot. God must love idiots, because he made a TON OF THEM.

Once we made our way through the sea of stupidity and into the vendor area, we ran into other individuals of low intelligence. There were women in tank tops and shorts with HEELS, this in a place where you have to walk everywhere. There were also guys that were walking around topless and did not need to be showing that much skin or stomach.

Now I know that NASCAR has a negative connotation to it, and most of the liberal elite think that we are all beer drinking, Dale Earnhardt loving rednecks but for the most part there are some fans that do not fit the mold, such as me and the party I traveled with. I mean I love the races, but I do not get into the brand loyalty and petty in fighting that others do. I will not stop buying a product or supporting a brand if I do not like their driver. How is my fifty cents going to affect whether or not a driver gets funds to drive the M&M’s car.

Anyway, we saw lots of displays of loyalty, from the guy with his drivers number painted on his chest to upper chest of a gifted woman who supported another driver. I think the funniest display of driver support was two Mexicans dressed with luchador masks in their driver’s colors, very strange, very strange in deed.

Once we got to our seats, it was almost time for the race to start, a few cokes, order of fries and a burger later, I was set for 500 miles of high speed action. My aunt secured great tickets as we were right on the start/finish line, two rows up. We could see the drivers in the cars as the passed. We also had a spectacular view of the pits and got to see most of the action there as guys would come in for a fresh four and fuel. I love watching the races on TV because you know what is going on with everyone, but to watch a race live is completely different. You get to hear, smell and feel the race. You hear the engines race by and it gives you chills, the roar of the engines shakes your insides and the smell of the fuel and rubber is something you just do not get from the couch at home. All of the senses are involved.

Good times were had by all, we survived the masses and hey my drive won! I had a blast and cannot wait to do it again!

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