Thursday, March 12, 2009


Well readers, all two or three of you! Ok so maybe four, but that has to be it, tops. Just wanted to touch base today and let you know about something cool that happened at work today.

As you know and have read, I went to that concert on Tuesday, I will not go over that again, two days worth is two days too many. What you may not know is that my plans for that night included taking my wonderful wife to dinner before the concert event, as it was her early birthday present. Well as luck would have it, that did not happen. I ended up having to work extremely late on the only day this month, I had actual plans. Murphy's law I believe. Anyway, so I usually leave work around 5-5:15, but on this night I did not leave until 7! Some unexpected requests came from one of our joint venture partners, the largest JV partner in fact. Since they are the 800 pound gorilla as we call them, I had to work late doing various reports and answering emails about said reports.

My frustration level was high and I was not the only one! I was working with two other co-works, one being my boss. He was aware of my plans but needed me to stick it out. So I did as long as I could and that included scrubbing plans for dinner. About a quarter till seven he came into my office and offered to finish up for me so I could leave in enough time to make the concert. This was an extremely nice gesture on his part, and he covered for me and finished up. So I left the office, the wife picked me up and we made it just before the opening act. (if you are unfamiliar with the concert in question, see previous posts)

When I came in on Wednesday, my boss told me that he finished up the work in about 15 minutes and was out the door so no big deal, he apologized for my delays and thanked me for all the help. I told him, no big deal, we made the concert and that was all that really mattered. So I thought end of story, right? Wrong, today, it got even better.

This morning my boss came in and dropped a few twenties on my desk. I asked what for? He stated that he felt bad about me missing dinner with my wife and wanted to make it up to the two of us! Awesome! I graciously took the cash and thanked him profusely. He wanted to convey his appreciation for my hard work and dedication. In a time where everyone is fearful of losing their jobs, putting in extra hours and often disgruntled about it, it is nice to be shown a measure of appreciation, even if you are just doing your job.

As an added bonus to this story, he also gave me my company anniversary gift (five years now). While I will not disclose what it was, let me just say that it was overly gracious and will be thoroughly enjoyed.

The wife and I will definitely have to make him some treats!


  1. Must be nice!

    BossLady over here barely offers something from the dollar menu when I go above and beyond....

    Five years? Wow, either times flies or I am getting old.

  2. Awwww! So sweet! Your boss is lucky to have someone as awesome as you. Many people would not have stuck with it. I am glad your wife had a great time ... as a woman & wife myself ... things like that mean so much! :0)

  3. Yeah, five years, and that is after I spent three years at another company.


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