Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pollen, Pollen, I Hate Pollen

So I am sidelined again today with yet ANOTHER allergy attack. This ones is pretty bad, I am achy and miserable. I can not swallow, I can not talk or drink without pain. I am not stopped up, I am not congested, but my sinus are draining right down my throat. The only way to describe the pain is like having a baseball lodged in my windpipe. And the cause of all this lovely pain? POLLEN.

I am prone to allergies like most others in this area, but this year the pollen count has been extremely high and apparently I have been sniffing it like coke or some other sniffable, illegal drug. Unfortunately, since I went to the doctor about three weeks ago and got another shot, I cannot have another right now. So I will have to suffer with my nasal spray and clarinex. I hope it helps and I hope the pollen goes away quickly. I need relief.

Sorry to sound whiny but I am in pain and miserable. I spent most of the day at home. On a day when most play hookie to watch the March madness tournament, I was home with a legit illness, I could not even enjoy watching LSU beat Butler. I slept through most of the game. Ugh.

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