Monday, March 30, 2009

Father/Daughter Day

Today, Lily woke up tugging at her ear and with a low grade fever. Obviously, she was not going to school/day care so what to do, what to do? I volunteered to keep her home and take her into the doctor's office to check it out.

The doctor confirmed what we feared, ear infection! Second time in two weeks. Diagnosis was that her tube has shifted and irritated her ear. That combined with sinus trouble has created nasty drainage and the trouble. So ear drops and antibiotics and we go back next week.

After the doctor's visit, we proceeded to get her meds and a special treat. I bought her a new DVD, Disney's Bolt. We came home had lunch and she napped. Afterwards, she woke up in a pretty good mood so we decided to venture outside and enjoy the nice spring day. Wow, it was really nice.

We went across the street to the local school and took advantage of the open field to fly a kite, ride around in her car and just stretch our legs. Lily also played on the playground, and must have gone up and down that slide fifty times. A few times I had to stop her and get her to drink some juice to slow down. We had a great time and it was really fun to have her all to myself to play and be outdoors.

She is such a ham!

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  1. Those ear infections are always an unwelcomed problem. It stinks that little ones always seem to have trouble with their ears. Hope she's better today!


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