Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Kids (Old Kids?) On the Block

Well, it is official, I will be attending the New Kids On The Block concert with my wife. Should be ok, I am not really "jacked up" to go because I am not into the music and really never listened as a child but I will just be along for the ride cause my wife is stoked. I hope she loves it, that is my goal, to make her day and make it a wonderful experience.

I got her the tickets as an early birthday present. She went to the concert here in town back in the late 80's. She loved it and has fond memories. I hope she can re-connect tonight and that she has a great time.

While I do not remember much about the first concert, other than it being held at Independence Stadium, I do remember it being all the rage with the fourth or fifth grade girls in my class at the time. I am pretty sure they all went together but who knows. Wonder how many of them will be there tonight? We will see. I will give a full report tomorrow, if I make it out alive.


  1. First, why do you get to select which comments get posted? It's not as if you're a dictatorial commie or living in a nation led by one. Oh, wait... That's right. Nevermind. Sigh...

    Second, I am sorry to hear about your date with the New Kids. So very sorry. I just hope there is something, anything, on the TV to help clear the NKotB from your memory. Hang(in') tough, Jeremy.

  2. Well ... was it as bad as you thought?? Or did you do the "right stuff" and "hang tough?" Ha!!

  3. You just wait, I have a blog about the experiance coming shortly.


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