Monday, March 16, 2009

More Transformers

Well first of all, this is my last post of 29, first post of 30 as it is midnight.

Second, I promised and I am now delivering, more Transformers. I dug into storage tonight for this one. I have a huge Rubbermaid box full and I mean FULL of Transformers. I know you do not care, but I will share anyway. Sharing this makes me happy and gives you a window into my madness. You will learn through time and blogs my madness. (insert evil laugh here)

To give you a view of the sickness, here is an over all shot of my current collection, new, old, and anywhere in between.

Yes, I have some in boxes and some loose. Wish I still had the boxes for some! Ok so for all!

This is the my current favorite! This was my major award for 2008. This is the special Pepsi remake of the original G1 Optimus Prime. I drank way too much mountain dew and Pepsi for this one.

Here are my Toys R Us re-issued G1 versions of Smokescreen, Grapple, Hoist and Sideswipe. I love Toys R Us and they used to be the go to site for my Transformer fix. Now TRU is just a sad shell of what they used to be. The glory is gone! And for that matter KayBee toys is bankrupt too. Many a day were spent standing in the aisles of these stores as the cash burned a hole in my pocket and I had to pick which one to bring home this time.

Here are the old originals, yes that is an original G1 optimus prime, thanks Ebay! I had to snipe that one. Hate it when others do it to me, but it is sweet when it works in my favor. The others cars and trucks were actually mine from back in the day so these are the oldest of the collection. The blue firetruck has to be in the worst shape.

Here are some of the good guys (Autobots) from the 2007 movie. Optimus Prime, and crew. Love the new version of Bumblebee, boy did GM do an awesome job with the new concept camero.

Here are some of the bad guys, aka Decepticons. Love the Saleen Mustang. The side of the police car reads "To Punish and Enslave"!

Finally, here are my latest purchases, the 25th anniversary editions of Starscream and Hound. These are very close to their original counterparts as they maintain the original color schemes. For some reason Hound came with Ravage. Puzzles me as to why, but hey, he was a bonus, now if they will just release Soundwave!

Well you have now seen how big a nerd I am with the toy collection! And yes I admit it, I collect toys like a kid, but hey I can grow older but I do not have to grow up!

Oh and by the way, it is St. Patrick's Day now as I finish this, so be sure to wear your green, because if you do not, I will pinch you for sure!


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