Saturday, March 21, 2009

Birthday Party Part Two

Today, was a lovely and surprising day!

Saturday stated just like any other, we got up, watched some cartoons with the baby, and had waffles. Then things got interesting. I had to go help my dad do some house painting. Not a major amount, but difficult to get to as it was the chimney on the steeply slanted roof.

See in order reach the roof, my dad had to come up with a "contraption" of sorts to get me not only on the roof but high enough to reach the chimney, without laying on or climbing on the roof. Painting required a track hoe and and steel frame mounted to the front bucket. I was then placed into the bucket and lifted high into the air to paint. The painting itself was not difficult, it was the contortions in which I had to position myself to reach all the angles, nooks and yes, crannies. I will be sore in the morning and got too much sun for my effort but I got it done and helped out, that made it worthwhile.

After that was all said and done, I went home to clean up and attend a party for my less than favorite, great aunt. I had been told, that it was a family reunion of sorts for her 70th, birthday. I was forcefully drug to what turned out to be a surprise birthday party in my honor. I was shocked and happily surprise all at once. The "other" party had been a hoax all along to keep me off the trail.

So I walked in and was greeted by my family and good friends. It was not quite, the lights come on, everyone jump out surprise party, but it was just as good. I had fun, got to see everyone and even got a few more presents (aren't I spoiled?). I was also treated to a 30 minute video montage of all of my "best" pictures from birth to present. That was really touching, funny and humiliating and the same time. LOVED IT!

The theme was LSU, of course, and the room was decorated with LSU posters, pennants, stickers, purple and gold M&Ms and huge cake and LOTS of food. So much food in fact, that we brought some home as did EVERYONE else.

I was very touched by the video and the time and effort everyone put into making the party a success. In addition to lots of LSU gifts, my friend Jimmy, indulged my little habit of collecting transformers, with some new additions. Three to be exact. I will check them out and post pictures soon.

I have to say that I was very surprised and very grateful to have such a wonderful, loving family and such caring and kind friends. I guess that is all one can ask for and I have it!

I have to thank my wife as well, she helped plan, kept me in line about the hoax party and put up with me complaining all week, all the while, she endured a rough week at work. I love you honey!

Here is the huge cake, anyone want a piece?

My Lily is in there somewhere!


  1. Congrats on the second party, very cool, and yes you are spoiled but you know what? It's ok. We all need a spoiling once in a while, it's what makes it all worth while.

    Enjoy being 30! (it goes by very fast)

  2. What a nice surprise!! I love the pic w/ Lily!! She's too cute


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