Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 2 of 365

Well day two of year thirty has just about come and gone. Other than work, I have spent a majority of my day downloading and researching apps for my new iTouch. If you have any good ones, pass them along. I am sure this will be a new obsession. OH NO!

On another note, we went to some friend's house tonight and had dinner. Christine prepared some excellent enchiladas. They were very good and I over ate as usual with Mexican food. Oh well, I am working out everyday, I should be able to cheat a little here and there. In addition to working out, I have cut out sweets and soft drinks. This has been difficult but seems to be working for me so far. Less calories means I am doing more good in the gym.

Anyway, not much to report today, nothing too exciting happened today but I am sure I will find something soon to amaze and entertain you once again. Until then have a good one.

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