Friday, March 6, 2009

Sweet Tea

Back again today, yeah I know, that means you have to read ANOTHER entry.

Anyway, just got back from a local eatery, I will not mention any names but is it so hard to make a decent glass of sweet iced tea? I love sweet tea, no secret, I live in the south so it goes without mentioning but some people just can not make a decent glass. How hard is it to brew the tea and add SUGAR, not splenda, not sweet n low, just plain old sugar? The concept is simple yet so many get it wrong. And before you say anything, yes, I know I can order unsweet and add my own sugar, but that does not work either because at that point the tea is cold and the sugar will not dissolve. Oh well, guess I need to start sneaking in my own tea, like the Seinfeld episode with the maple syrup. Maybe I can get a flask for my birthday and bring in my contraband tea. Hmm...

Oh and to balance things out, so this is not totally negative, some places do have great sweet tea. Chick fil a makes a good tea, as does Cane's and McAllisters (who I am very unhappy with for downsizing their large cup). Maybe they should train other restaurants on the "art" of making sweet tea. Couldn't hurt.

Funny thing about southerners and their sweet tea, John Reap (comedian and the dodge hemi guy) said in the south we can not say T(ea) with out sweet in front. Even in elementary school, kids learn their ABC's... Q, R, S, Sweet T, U, V...

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  1. Your are too funny Jeremy!! I thought the flask idea was a good one! Thanks for posting this & putting a smile on my face!


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